Kari has helped guide me for years. She has amazing insight that has truly helped me in understanding and deciding a lot of very difficult situations in my life. Her uncanny ability to use her gift to gain and ask for knowledge truly blows my mind. She is always the first person I think of when I find myself needing guidance. Her wisdom exceeds her years exponentially.

Carli Barber

Los Angeles, CA


Kari has an amazing way of loving others. Just as an example, upon our first goodbye, she went to hug me. As she did so, she held the back of my head in her hand...a gesture so genuine and real. Kari has always been an individual whose spiritual guidance is not only beautiful but also directional. Though she has always been more of a friend than a reader, she has always taken the time to really speak with me about pretty big occurrences and challenges in my life. Her life experiences and her strong sense of self, have really brought her to a beautiful place. I feel she is a person who is never unable to meet me at just the place I'm at within myself. Her guidance in the past couple of years has really helped me grow into more of who I'm supposed to be.

Kendra Eyeman

Bozeman, MT


The moment I walked outside of Kari's door, I felt like a burden just lifted off my shoulders.  I finally felt liberated after trying to be so through yoga and pilates for several weeks. I just called my father to tell him I love him (rare).  Enough said.  My mind is finally at peace (for now at least). That is all. Thank you, Kari.

Susan Young

Minneapolis, MN


What a wonderful, positive experience. Kari is so full of grace & compassion. I only hope someday I will learn to be as insightful as she is. I look forward to meeting her again & bringing more people her way for guidance & understanding. Truly a gifted lightworker!

Christy Poppe

Hayward, WI


Kari sincerely blows me away with her deep, insightful, and illuminating translation of the energies involved in my readings with her. Kari's depth and breadth of guidance is deeply cherished and always impactful. I wholeheartedly recommend her work to anyone.

Jackie W


I have sought intuition many times in my life and have at times gotten invaluable information - the majority of that has come from Kari. Kari is blessed to be an intersection of receptivity, wisdom and many voices. Her messages have resonated with me and helped in the various ways that comprised the reasons I sought her gift. I am in awe of and appreciate her style, connection, ability to tap in and the many who speak through her.

Kelly Guest

Minneapolis, MN


You will be amazed at the amount of information given and the accuracy. It is truly the most fantastic experience I have ever encountered. Everything Kari said has come true so far. I am still astounded by the abundant accurate information I received and the goosebumps I had during the session. I deeply felt she was correct and it felt right. In the information she pulled out, I was able to confirm the accuracy of her information and connection. She is truly connected with a great gift, and a true, accurate Intuitive. I highly recommend her readings


Minneapolis, MN


I had a very deeply profound and impactful reading by Kari. She provided something that I have needed for years:  Profound Clarity and Peace. The clarity came from knowing what was my true path and peace came from being able to clear away all the "clutter" from my mind and focus on what is truly important for my own journey. She is kind but doesn't provide an "easy way", she asks the questions that need to be asked to see what is important. I see Kari as a guide for so many people seeking that "something" in their lives. I know I will have a relationship with her for as far as I can see.

Brandon Schulz D.C.

Kansas City, MO