Intuitive Readings Explained

What is an Intuitive Reading?

First of all, let's talk about what intuition is. Intuition is a direct channel and source of information that flows within the multi-dimensional Universe. It's like a form of "communication" that flows and connects to every single atom and every single makeup of life. It is limitless in what it does, and it is fast like the speed of light. It connects all things together and acts as a vessel of information to which all things communicate and respond to one another. It is also a vehicle for empathy, which allows us to understand and sympathize with the outside world. This occurs because we are able to transcend our personal realities and emotions and experience other realities and emotions transferred through intuitive communication. It allows us to understand other realities outside of our own. For example, a dog can communicate empathy with its owner and vice versa. There is an exchange of information due to intuition and empathy. Intuition is within us all. We are made of it.

A reading is a self-reflection of who we are and what we're manifesting in our lives. It is a way to get information to help assist us in mapping out the experiences and outcomes we want to have in our lifetimes. To me, a reading is a way of channeling information from something within us. All of us have the ability to read if we want to. The source to reading is merely tapping into one's "gut instinct" or "intuition," which is something most of us become aware of at a young age. Being tuned into your intuition allows you to be directly open to the language of the Universe. I am neither special nor different from you. I choose to pay extra attention to my intuition and along with your openness; I can tap into you and help you see what you want help being shown. What comes from that is what I call "reading you" and a way for me to assist in the vision of your life.

An intuitive reading is a way to receive insight into all factors regarding the human experience. It is a way of connecting to the deeper consciousness of a mind and soul - providing direction and guidance on a human journey and all topics that encompass it. For example, we look at relationships, soul purpose, career, health, family, and so many other life topics. I can also sense anyone who is directly connected to my client in order to get a sense as to what they're feeling and thinking about them.

An intuitive reading is similar to a psychic reading, except the focus is on intuition and our ability as human beings to utilize intuition for insight, knowledge, and connection. Everyone is intuitive and everyone has the ability to read energy. It just takes practice! I've had 10+ years of practicing and utilizing my intuitive abilities.

My readings (intuitive readings) provide in-depth information about a person's soul journey and life path. I do this by using tarot cards, tapping into different dimensions of consciousness, reading subtle energy, and the energy of my clients which is comprised of their intentions and thoughts. I believe we create our outcomes based on the decisions, intentions, and choices we make in life, so my readings reveal what my clients are currently manifesting in their lives. Based on that, we figure out if what they are manifesting is favorable to the desired outcome they want. If it isn't, we find ways to change their energy and their intentions to directly align with what they want to achieve. I want every client to know what to do when they leave a session with me.

I've utilized my intuition for corporate events, parties, and many other things! I've also guided business owners in decision making and helped a family find a missing child.

I encourage my clients to utilize their own intuitive powers and help them access their own inner-knowing. My goal with every client when they leave a session with me is to inspire them to feel empowered and more knowledgeable about their own gifts and abilities, rather than feeling a need for me or another outside source to always guide them. I would like to be utilized on an "as needed" basis, not as a dependent basis.

Space out your readings.

I found that reading on similar subjects very consistently, in short time frames, created more unsuccessful readings than accurate ones. And that's because energy is delicate. We have to let go just enough so that our manifestations can do their work. If we obsess too much on what we want to achieve - we can actually shift and change it without wanting to. Fear is the culprit. Our minds are powerful and the intention from our minds manifest our realities. So, everything we think goes into the outcomes of our lives. If fear overpowers non-fear, that energy influences the outcome of a sort of self-destructive result. Then, the readings - which are a reflection of your intentions - become discouraging.