About Me As A Reader

Kari Tribble Intuitive Reader
Crescent Moon
"Intuition is within all of us. It is our guide. It is our channel to the Universe...It is the other part of science. The energy that flows between atoms. The language of all creation. Through its mystery, it brings knowledge. Through its message, it brings confirmation. Access it within yourself. Access it within me."


When I Started Doing Readings

I have been doing intuitive readings since I was a teenager. I started doing readings for the public when I lived in Los Angeles, California in 2003. Ever since, I have been utilizing my intuitive readings to assist people in their careers, relationships, personal journeys, and self-discoveries. My intuitive readings have also been used in situations like locating a missing boy or insisting someone to seek medical attention for an ailment that turned serious. I take my readings very seriously and do my best to be as accurate in the translation of this insight as much as possible. Because of my dedication throughout the years, my accuracy rate is really good. There is no such thing as a perfect reader, and I will not sell you on a lie - but I will tell you that most of my customers come back year after year and let me know how accurate I have been for them. 

We Are All Intuitive Beings

I don't believe I am special, because I do this. I think we are all special for having intuitive capabilities. I believe we are all intuitive and completely capable of being connected to one another, and the Universe we come from - even dimensionally, beyond the veil we see with our eyes.

I grew up in a very foresty, nature-thriving area in Northern Wisconsin. I am also Native American. I believe these two factors alone, nurtured my spiritual side and allowed me to embrace being empathic, sensitive and aware of my intuition at a young age. As I grew up in this world, I maintained this awareness and closely paid attention to it regardless of the distractions and influences encouraging me to do otherwise. With practice and consistent cultivation - I have been able to use my intuition to help people, as well as, help them to cultivate their own relationship with their intuitive consciousness.

I am passionate about helping people feel connected to the core of their being. I believe intuition resides there and is the language of the Universe and connects all things together - including inanimate objects. Everything has a consciousness in my opinion, and intuition is the vehicle in which all things communicate through this consciousness.


Aside from providing readings to my clients, I also teach others how to do intuitive readings and I find so much joy in this process. I aim to expand my teachings and provide more of them to others through online courses.

A little more personal...

I am a mother of one beautiful son, girlfriend to one incredible and talented man, caregiver to two adorable kitties and a few plants. I am really humbled and grateful that you have come to my website and have read a little more about who I am. I hope to meet you and provide spiritual and intuitive guidance for you and inspire you to nurture this process within yourself.