Hi! My name is Kari.

I am an intuitive reader, beauty and spiritual content creator, and I am the founder of AVARI BEAUTY, which is my esthetician salon and brand and shop where I can utilize my passion for beauty in a more intrinsic, physical way. I also create music for fun.

I'm a bit of an otherworldly girl who is a prism of expression. I am a multi-faceted artistic soul who invokes a spiritual tone within everything I create. I even find it in the art of beauty as a form of self-love and adornment of the human temple.

So, welcome to my website! This is a space where I get to share my spiritual-related content, favorite products, and offer my intuitive reading services. I also plan to teach through online courses. 

Born from Indigenous heritage, I have an inherent respect and connection for nature. No matter what I am doing, there is an undertone of nature in my work.

In my personal life, I am mothering my sweet son, loving on my cats and all of my plants. I am laughing and sharing in joy with my family and friends. And I am planning my next trip to experience something new to inspire my work.